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Please help save the lives of the homeless pets in the shelter and be a responsible pet owner. Spay, neuter and rescue!

.If you don't have a board up for Adoptable Pets--please post one and re-pinn adoptable pets there. You don't have to be a rescue person to rescue, just an animal lover!! The only way we can save their lives is to get people who are looking for them is to SEE THEM, please HELP give them visibility! They can't shout I'm here, please adopt me--we need to do it for them ♥ !

We Are Selling T-Shirts With This Decal to help raise funds for Im-Paws-Able Dog Rescue. Great cause, great rescue--ALL PROCEEDS will go to help feed, vet, and provide whatever else is needed by our rescue pups! If you'd like to purchase one, please go to: If not, please share. Thank you!

♥ Pitbulls scored above 121 other dogs in terms of temperament (yup, above Golden Retrievers!). Maybe this is why they used to be called "nanny dogs" and yet humans want to destroy them

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Adopting is a great alternative , it gives animals a second chance in life. Otherwise, many of them will be put down. If you MUST buy an animal, do so from a reputable breeder. NEVER buy pets from pet shops. Most come from puppy mills and live in deplorable conditions.

I support increasing the maximum penalty for animal abuse and enlarging the definition. -- MAKE IT A FELONY SO IT POPS UP ON EVERY SINGLE BACKGROUD CHECK THERE IS!

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Best Friend

Dogs make our lives whole

I Love My Dog Wall Sign - For the dog-lover in your life, the simple silhouette motif and typographic detailing of this art print make a heartfelt addition to your home decor. 20" high x 14" wide x 1" deep ($43.95/$100.00)

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Today I Will Be Thankful for Pawprints, Thankful for Paws

So true!

Your little pooch will love snuggling up in this cozy hot dog pet bed! Suitable for small breeds such as dachshunds and toy poodles. It has ...