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hahahaha, they're dumbasses but i love it...then I wonder why I'm wasting my time looking at their boring pictures!!!

Haha, sad but true! FB stalking is the equivalent of a being a modern day Gladys Kravitz (Bewitched fans get the reference!

No amount of alcohol makes 'Red Solo Cup' tolerable to listen to.

No amount of alcohol makes "Red Solo Cup" tolerable to listen to! I have never seen such truth be spoken!


Oh, I'm a Pacifist, alright. I'm about to pass a fist across your face

Thanks for saying my face looks like I'm ill with no makeup

Today I didn't wear makeup. Four people asked me if I was feeling okay.Thanks for thinking my real face looks like I am physically ill.

BiblioBags: Where Every Purse has a Story...

Funny Friendship Ecard: Excuse me, could you shut the fuck up? This is my favorite part of the song.

And if stupid didn't fall out of yours, maybe sarcasm wouldn't so quickly fall out of mine!

Honey sarcasm falls put of my mouth like stupid falls out of yours.

Lol yep this is me. I would rather hang out with my dogs most of the time. Only a select couple of people I enjoy hanging out with.

Just one of those days....

E-card: Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised and affecting my life


That awesome moment when you're telling a lie and your best friend notices and joins you.

I love when he puts his foot down about certain things. It makes me giggle, then I go back to getting my way.

Practice makes perfect! - Funny Confession Ecard: All my friends are out there making babies and I'm just over here like, 'I like practicing.

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Funny pictures about When someone yells 'stop'. Oh, and cool pics about When someone yells 'stop'. Also, When someone yells 'stop'.