Colored ice cubes in the much fun!

Easy to make, ONE ingredient bath snow for super Winter play. This snow feels just like real snow and is 100% tub safe, allowing kids to play in the snow at bath time, and all while staying warm!

bath time fun - colored ice cubes - This is a simple way to add a little (more) excitement to the bath time routine. - They love chasing the colors around while they melt.

Oh if we do this they will love me forever!

ice and water baby play activity

Fill water balloons with colored water and pop them in a pool of water to watch the colors mix. Kids will be delighted as the colors change right before their eyes!

Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows...Make your own.

What a fun idea!

Water Bag for Summer outdoor fun!

Put the child's graduation year on a large t-shirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the kid grow into the shirt. Love This Idea!

Craft a Barbie sea cruiser: 2 plastic bottles, rubber bands, and a bubble bath.

Fill your ice cube trays with water, adding a drop of food coloring to each section. When frozen, these can be popped out and put in baby’s bath water. He’ll have fund “chasing” them around in the tub and trying to grab them before they melt

Homemade bath crayons

How to make your bath water glow and other totally awsome things to do with your kids.

Treasure Ice Cubes. Great idea to enhance water play. Freeze small trinkets in an ice cube tray and then let the kids drop into water to discover a hidden treasure. Perfect for bath time, water table, family pool or a hot side walk.

Lots of fun ideas!

gigantic ice cube

The Brooding Hen: Hardware Store Bath Toys

Jello Playdough Recipe...Fruit Scented

Bath time fun

soap crayons.. color your bath tub or tiles!