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Deep Dark Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream

I’ll admit it, I have very rarely made homemade ice cream. It’s kind of odd given that… 1. I have a great ice cream maker. 2. I have incredibly fond memories from childhood of my Dad making his homemade ice cream (in the big wooden ice cream making machine). 3. My kiddo asks me all …
  • Lisa

    Chocolate ice cream and pretzel ice cream cones. sweet and salty. No recipe for the pretzel cones . . . Just where to get them.

  • Cone Guys

    #ConeGuys gourmet cones are available at many local #markets, retail stores, #icecream shops and gourmet #food stores. If your favorite retailer does not carry our #cones, pass along our number 1-888-CONE GUYS!

  • Christie Remine Zanoni

    "Deep dark delicious chocolate ice cream" recipe looks delish BUT I am more interested in these pretzel cones. They would be so easy to make on Nan's cream horn moulds and would be such a cute little dessert morsel combined with this chocolate icecream.

  • San Diego Vegan Treat Co.

    This is probably our most favourite food picture, ever.

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Pretzel cones from Fancy Flours via Love from the Oven - not my idea of delicious but I know plenty of others who would like them.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone

Dark (coffee ice cream) by *Les Hirondelles* Photography, via Flickr //

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