Printing fabric on an inkjet printer (part one)

Stencil fabric


fabric printing using freezer paper tutorial...good to know. Love the idea of the picture pillow!

transfer any image onto wood using only an ink jet printer and wax paper

Always wondered if it were possible to print onto fabric. Here are official "how-to" steps for this.

quilting with a twist

miniature woven basket from "doll house miniature furniture"

How to make your own fabric labels for FREE!

How i print photos on a kitchen (paper) towel

Cute Fabric Beach houses picture. (Also see

Run burlap through your printer! Tutorial at ...... Could use this with any material and photos

Design and print your own dollhouse fabric

▶ Gelli Transfer Film - YouTube

Print on fabric

How to transfer an embroidery pattern.

How to Make a pleating board

Did you know you don’t have to buy those fancy schmancy fabric printer sheets to have quality printed fabric? Did you know you don’t have to buy that fancy schmancy solution to soak your own fabric in beforehand? Here is a quick no-fail recipe to get the best results with the most vibrant colors when printing on fabric…

Transfer Printed Images To Wood: A Tutorial

Painting Aida cloth - this is so smart!