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    Ever wonder what happens when you stick an ice cream cone on top of cupcake batter and B-A-K-E it? the CUTEST cakes in cones!!!! MUCH MUCH easier than filling cones with batter and baking!

    cupcake cones

    Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

    Use Ice cream cones, dip the top in chocolate, add fruit and add your favorite fruit dip to the middle!! So easy!!

    icecream-cone-cupcake - This is the perfect way to make them! So much easier than filling the cones with batter and hoping they dont fall over in the oven lol

    Ice Cream Cone Rainbow Cake Pops - the always wanted to make the cake in the cones like my mom did - what a cute and easy way to do cake pops! great school treat

    Cinnamon Pie- to find the actual recipe just click on the following link:

    How to make and frost ice cream cone cupcakes.....and the pan to hold them

    Cake Batter Rice Krispie Cupcakes. Seriously. Parents should send these to school for birthdays!

    Cybrtrayd K008 Ice Cream Cone Lolly Kids Chocolate Candy Mold CybrTrayd,

    3 layer cake - 1 batter another place to find it:

    DIY Peace Cake

    Caramel Apple Bar - Fun for a Fall Party! Plus, a tip for how to keep apples from turning brown.

    jolly rancher suckers...awesome! 200 degrees for 5 minutes!!! add "make our own lollipops" to the summer list! -Such a fun idea for birthday parties!

    I made a white cake and followed the instructions on the box. Divided the batter into 6 bowls and added food coloring. Layered it and baked it as directed. Can be made into cupcakes, a bunt pan, or two 8 inch rounds. So easy and so pretty as a final product. Made for my daughter's 7th birthday cake- she loved it!

    I had to repin these caramels, they've just made my Christmas baking list.

    Cookie Bowls - genius! These are awesome. Everyone will wonder how the heck you made these!

    Frozen Mango, Kiwi, Raspberry Pops...made from pureed fruit and using plastic cups! So wonderful for summer parties!

    Banana "Ice Cream" (made from bananas ONLY!)

    Too pretty to eat!