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Lori and I saw an old lady at Wendy's with on her sweatshirt!! #rolemodel

Meet Spangles, Your New Favorite Cross-Eyed Cat Cat? Check. Endearing disfigurement? Check. Pirate outfit? Check. And what's more, Spangles was born on the Fourth of July. He's a true patriot. And here's why you should salute him

When Cat Finds Catnip While His Humans Are Out…

I thought you said he had tried catnip before.

"Oh, catnip--no one understands me like you do."

"Cats have an infallible understanding of total concentration--and get between you and it." --Arthur Bridges

Catnip and The Affects of Catnip on Cats

Catnip!!! Cats favorite herb.

[CasaGiardino] ♡ Cosette had always had trouble executing the perfect French knot, but her dear friend, Madame Puzzi-chat, told her not to fret and quickly, with deft paws, expertly twisted the blond strands into a tidy bun. Now...if only Cosette could get Madame to step down.

"The reason cats climb is so they can look down on almost every other animal. It's also the reason why they hate birds." --K C Buffington

Fluffy did not appreciate being cast as a kitty angel for the Christmas pageant.