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Sonny & Cher

sonny and cher

Retro TV shows: Memories of the '60s and '70s Sonny Cher. Loved the skits and the music.

Cher & Michael Jackson.

Critter Sitters

Moon boots

Hawaiian Punch in a Tin Can

60's Brownie Girl Scout I still have my Brownie dress, beanie and all..... tie my Grandma saved it for me I treasure it to this day, Thanks Grammy Johnson!

Roller Skating Rinks. Loved roller skating. Every Sunday. One dollar would get you skates and an afternoon of pure fun!

vintage mailbox

Pocket Radios

The Rockford Files

Plastic floral tote...I loved the smell of the plastic.

80s TV - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

No More Tangles

Bozo The Clown

Welcome Back Kotter

Gilligan's Island: one of the best TV shows ever

Toy Cash Register - I had one just like it...a "Tom Thumb"!

Phone booth. A place to sit, a door to close, and usually an intact phone book, as well!

We had hours of fun with this.