Splash! Dare to play in the rain!

Awesome picture idea. Something like this but slow dancing instead. Then in 20 years after we are out of Washington we can look back and remember all of the rainy days that we survived. :)

splish splash





I think when you just give in and listen to whatever music is in your soul, it’s pure joy to jump around, dance and laugh.  I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.Ray Charles


the joy of being a boy ...


︵☂︵RAINY Day︵☂︵ https://gr.pinterest.com/roibaelina/rainy-day/

rain dance

why cant it rain everyday here?



After the thunderstorm in London last night, we at Boticca are appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature...

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