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from Mail Online

What a dish: Protester lies naked on giant plate in the street to highlight animal cruelty

How much cruelty can you swallow? After decades of orally molesting dead corpses it has finally dawned on me: NONE. Meaty issue: The giant plate of human flesh is the first act of this kind in Spain

from PETA

21 Things the Egg Industry Doesn't Want You to See

only a child of the devil could do such a thing to our Creators created LIFE ... you will be judged and if convicted in the end I believe you will experience all the things you have done to another's life and anything you have done on the evil side of life you will feel forever....a eternal torment...repent now and turn the other way while you still have a chance in this age of GRACE..

from Catraca Livre

Ilustrações criticam dependência do homem da carne animal

from Plant Based Bride

The Truth About The Dairy Industry

Animal agriculture is turning our planet into a toilet. Let's save our planet by reducing our meat and dairy consumption today! Facts from Cowspiracy, graphic by Plant Based Bride.

eat meat and enjoy it if you want. But this is the fact of it that must be accepted. Vegans care just as much about people.

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AnimalRescueCrusade on

It was not God's plan when he created animals that we should cage, abuse, torture and use them for whatever other sick purposes we do with them. It was not his plan that we use them for entertainment, that we skin them alive - Asians skin animals alive so that rich women can wear their fur. If it doesn't make you feel physically ill to wear a dead animal's fur against your skin, then you are evil and should be skinned yourself. *~❤•❦•:*´`*:•❦•❤~*