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    • Rebecca (Becca)

      ADD... There's just SO mnay interesting things in life and not enough time to explore them all! LOL

    • Paula Fair

      Adult add can really run uncontrolled, if you let it. It's bad that a number of folks don't realize they already have adhd in adults, up until when in some stage of their lives they observe things aren't going so very well, perhaps they learn it after undergoing an adhd test. Listed below are some methods, which you can utilize to strengthen your life when you realize you have adult ADD.

    • Guadalupe McDaniel

      Adult add can definitely go uncontrolled, if you allow it. It is unpleasant that some people do not realize they already have adhd in adults, until when in some point of their lives they see things aren't going so well, probably they discover it after having an adhd test. Below are some ways, which you can utilize to develop your life when you discover you have adhd in adults.

    • Kratom Divine

      Having a hard time staying FOCUSED? Feeling a bit scatterbrained? Trying to do 15 things at once and somehow NONE actually get done? Try #Kratom. It's an amazing little plant dried to a powder and available in capsules and powder. People with ADD have reported a sense of calm, focus, energy, and organization like never before. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Visit

    • Melissa Porter

      My mom pinned this. The funny thing is one Thanksgiving she was saying what she was thankful for and then stops in the middle and says, "Look! A birdie!"

    • Deya McLaughlin

      Pinterest Quotes and Humor / A.D.D. Haha

    • Katrina WhereIsTheFire

      I wish this wasn't so true to life!

    • grace hibbs

      makes me laugh every time

    • Amanda Madrid

      Funny ADD this is so me

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    Yep, done that!

    PMS, ADD, and OCD.

    So true!

    Too true...

    So true!

    So true.

    I have nothing to add.

    I have OCD and ADD, so everything has to be perfect, but not for very long.


    Hahahahaha !

    Whomever Keeps Add ‘OG’ To The End Of My Doorsign. STOP IT. Dr Hedgeh

    This is why underwear is crucial.....but not always accepted. Fuckin wedgies. -Coriander

    I have a great idea! Let's knit a ski mask and then add a turtle neck and then add hair, and then.... lolololololool



    thank you, pinterest.

    I have much to learn about fandoms... -Coriander