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NCIS Scoop: SVU's Diane Neal Says She'll Be Back as Agent Borin

To those who, when I reported on Diane Neal guesting on USA Network's Suits, hoped that the actress would also return to NCIS.... well, this is for you. Speaking with TVLine at Tuesday night's Thir...

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NCIS- cute, sassy, professional yet fun, a little wierd but interesting, quirky, and absolutely fantastic! Remind you of anyone? ;o)

'Just hanging with my #NCIS on-screen wife, Michelle Flynn Flynn Pierce ' via Brian's twitpic

Michael Weatherly on NCIS...makes me wanna turn to a life of crime...

What is wrong with you?!?!? Tony flew over there to save you and you tell him to go home??? I'm ashamed of you!----------- OH! I'm so glad you're okay!!!!!!

I about died seeing this, loved Chuck as a kid but now, sorry Chuck.

the Brains, the Muscle, & the Wildcard. I do miss Ziva....

This is from the episode when Abby was taking pic on her phone