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  • Kristinia Fields
    Kristinia Fields • 2 years ago

    Lol! Too funny!

  • Heather Freeman
    Heather Freeman • 2 years ago

    Forensic only means "admissible in a court of law". Psychology wouldn't know how to hide a body, only their motives behind it. I'm a financial forensics major and that doesn't mean I'd know how to dispose of human remains!

  • Naj Kutait-Faulkner
    Naj Kutait-Faulkner • 2 years ago

    amaya, thanks again! this little post makes me grin whenever i see it. say, if you are interested in behavior analysis, why not check out the board certified behavior analyst website? we're at i've been a behavioral therapist for over 25 years and LOVE any excuse to smile!

  • Chris Knutson-Shubert

    seriously was a joke...lighten up! I agree with Naj Kutait-Faulkner!

  • Jeff Vāšheleškīy
    Jeff Vāšheleškīy • 48 weeks ago

    I actually have a masters in forensic psychology and I'd say this is more accurate than most would believe. We learn more than just the interaction of psychology and the law. And a friend from my graduating class now works for a crime scene team.

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