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Just saw him in Vehicle 19 after not having seen him in anything for years and his face has barely changed! By the way, I think that's a good movie, a little different than the usual. --Pia (Paul Walker)

And... And he lives in Hawaii, with his stupid beautiful girlfriend! : 0 ) Paul Walker ❤

He wants in on your samples. Select: @HeyDudeSkinCare EvolutionMan @AtopalmUSA and #SexPantherCologne

Paul Walker (again) --> Most girls want a man in a suit. I'm a jeans & a t-shirt kinda girl. My dream guy :)

Paul Walker ;) yes, i would like to see him in my

Paul Walker...those beautiful blue eyes. He is an amazing actor. But .R.I.P.

This is a classic.. Paul wearing his favorite shirt standing in front of one of his favorite cars... ae

Paul Walker...Your hotness shouldn't be legal. Heard he was up for the Christain Grey roll! YESSS PLEASE♥

Paul Walker. RIP beautiful. ♥

In an officescape defined by bland cubicles and by-the-book colleagues, you need to do more than just a good job to get noticed. You need to bring some life to your business wardrobe. Actor Paul Walker shows you how!