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Cultivate Simple 18: The Family Cow

The Prairie Homesteadfrom The Prairie Homestead

Owning a Family Milk Cow: Your Questions Answered

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Owning a Family Milk Cow: Your Questions Answered!

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Natural Mastitis Treatments for the Family Cow

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Mobile Milking Set Up For Family Cow? - Homesteading Today

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How To SAfely and Easily Wean A Calf Off Your Family Milk Cow

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Owning a Family Milk Cow: Your Questions Answered!

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How to milk a cow by hand.

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Beginner Questions About Whole Raw Milk

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How to Milk a Cow by Hand and Milking a Cow made Easy

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Cow milking 101

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How to Raise a Family Milk Cow

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How to Raise A Family Milk Cow - want dairy cows of my own one day!

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▶ Healing Quest: Raw Milk Controversy - YouTube

Marc Talks

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It is possible to set up a very small aquaponics system, and only grow the veggies and fish you need for yourself and your family, watch the video.

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Once a day milking by Patrice Lewis- great article about beginning the process of milking a family cow

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Zzz Mmmmmm


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Best fats and oils in the kitchen...what to use. Article talks about the wrong usage of EVOO. I think I'll try Ghee.... one more way to use up milk from our cow :)

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Sue Weaver

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Sue Weaver provides her expertise on making homemade cheeses and yogurt and how to raise a happy, healthy, and highly productive backyard cow.

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Farming Tips

Six tips for safely handling your fresh milk after you get it out of your cow or goat. (and how to keep it fresh tasting too!)

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Creamed Honey: Nothing but honey and 20 minutes of mixing! Great Christmas gifts!