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(Image: "Avenues of Early Settlement" Source: C. Camp. ed., Influence of Geography upon Early North Carolina (Raleigh: Carolina Charter Tercentenary Commission, 1963). This article, entitled "Early Settlement" by David Goldfield, Professor of History at UNC, Charlotte, 2005, outlines in careful detail the development of the frontier in the North Carolina Colony during the period, 1657 through 1835.

Waldensians church, Torre Pellice, Italy

Description of Waldensian historical sights in Angrogna Valley, Piedmont, Italy

Waldensian historical sites - Italy

Detail of Map of Italy 5th century BC: Etruscan territory and sphere of influence.

Multi-Purpose Nautical Astronavigational Instrument (comprising universal mechanical sun-dial) ,   1697 Italy

It was a journey of faith as the Waldensians made their exile from the Alpine Valleys of Italy to America. Relive their experience on a tour of the Waldensian Trail of Faith, which brings their struggles to life, commemorates their sacrifices and celebrates their triumphs. www.waldensiantra...

Appian Way, Rome...constructed over 2000 years ago and still in use today.

Agape defines itself as an ecumenical center and applies the term, “ecumenical,” in a very open sense. The word encompasses the given encounter between believers of different faiths and religious confessions, but also takes on a secular character, meaning that even those without religious confession can feel at home. Agape is located in one of the Waldensian Valleys, the only area in Italy where protestants constitute a significant presence in the population.