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from CARAS

David Beckham mostra penteado feito pela filha

Ex,David Beckham,Hairstyle,Week,End,Done,Through The,Was

Amen to that! Haha "Never judge the character of a great man by his psycho ex girlfriends. Judge him on his good taste for the one he has now. It shows that he is capable of improving the quality of his life."

Siblings Not Encouraged to Be Close: In healthy families, we encourage our children to be loving and close to each other. In narcissistic families, children are pitted against each other and taught competition. There is a constant comparison of who is doing better and who is not.

He always has used money to control, like his ex wife said "money rules him!". But it's not ruling him it's how he views it, how he uses it as yet another way to control be it via enticement of promised gifts & lifestyle, or to punish by withdrawing to put u at financial risk. He also spends lavishly on himself whilst u & the kids struggle.

They don't care about their children. They care about inflicting emotional trauma on you, oblivious and careless of the emotional abuse inflicted on their very own child(ren).