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  • Ellen McMillan

    Batman MEME - MEME, Funny Pictures and LOL

  • Bailey Strom

    Batman got pulled over. Fortunately, he always carries his license and registration! Read the link; it's apparently a true story. This is why we don't have more superheroes.

  • Harry Jones

    How I would like to get pulled over: Montgomery County man dressed in Batman costume on route to children's hospital to pose for the kids is pulled over for not diplaying his license plate on his lamborghini because the Batman symbol is over it.

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Rich people, man -- they get their kicks in the strangest ways.

haha! Mariah Garcia! I found it! lol I love it so much, thanks for sending it to meee!

I laughed so hard Oh my gosh @Tara Steinheiser @Rachel @Valerie Kristofic imagine charlie doing this

Because he's Batman and that's all it takes. Actually he could just say, "Hi" or nothing at all...

Raegan S and I totally made this connection while we were watching The Dark Knight Rises! :)

They’ll never see it coming…

I'm Batman...for now on this will be my valentine's card go to. You've been warned.

This is my Lawson for sure...he was wearing his Batman costume last night while watching football!

Batman's mask needed a quick fix

Awesome! So batman is really a crab!