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    Homemade lamb milk replacer: 1 two-quart carton whole (vitaminD) milk 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream 1 egg -> whisk egg & cream together, add milk. (double egg & cream the first couple of weeks for adequate weight gain, if necessary)

    If you have a household dairy and milk dairy goats, you’ll want to process your homegrown goat’s milk so it stays fresh and yummy as can be.

    Dairy Goat Journal article on milking goats continually w/o rebreeding (our own doe was kept in milk for 2 years with minimal loss of production in that time period-I highly encourage it if kids are not desired!)

    Raise Small-breed Milk Cows

    Round Hay Feeder for Goats | Homemade Hay Racks For Goats www.thegoatspot.n... ...

    Goat feeder

    Instructions for a Show goat Feeder #goatvet likes its height as no faecal contamination possible

    goat milking tips! :) Time to get into a happy routine!

    Switch your family to goat's milk -hints for good tasting milk But #goatvet recommends using disposable paper towels

    Homemade goat grain mixture... so much better than commercial feed!


    GUIDE to incubation and hatching WOW I have been researching for days in preparation for hatching next week and THIS has it all! I CAN easily UNDERSTAND and so many pictures!! He not only shares HOW TO and NOT TO, he tells you WHY!!!

    raw milk safety in the home dairy Good Hints #goatvet says excellent hints

    square bale feeder for goats. I like this. It will keep the hay from getting ruined.

    Get Great Tasting Milk From Your Goat

    snowshoeacres likes this goat stall from foxmountainfarm. snowshoeacres suggests: For barns with concrete floors; use solid horse stall mats for insulation from cold cement. Add a wood resting bench & fence panels on upper walls to contain goats. Just add hay, feed & mineral dishes, water, bedding & GOATS!

    Chart Comparing milking goats (alpine) Mini Jersey Cow and Standard Cow. Feed, milk quality, costs, etc..

    Lots of great information on raising sheep!!

    Milking Stand For Goats