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  • Adolf Mitchell

    Oh, Just A Capybara With Tiny Monkeys Riding On Its #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

  • Samm Wehman

    Oh, Just A Capybara With Tiny Monkeys Riding On Its Back---Totoro Cat bus?

  • Abigail Phipps

    Unusual Animal Friendships | Animals-Pets

  • Leilana Taylor

    animal best friends | Funny pictures: Funny Animal Pictures - All Animals - Best friends

  • Heather B

    squirrel monkeys riding a capybara

  • Kerstin Raybould

    Here's four monkeys riding a giant guinea pig, because why the fuck not. Capybaras are rodents from South America, and they are the largest known rodents in the world with sizes reaching up to 65kg. They're closely related to agouti, chinchillas, coypu, and guinea pigs. They're often referred to as "giant guinea pigs" because of similarities in appearance and ecology. Have a great weekend everyone! Image via Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist.

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{Squirrel monkey & Capybara} I want to make a tiny cowboy hat for the monkey!

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Capybaras are basically giant rodents but they're also really cute.

Don't forget: Monday is "Take your capybara to work" day!!!

marmosets monkeys | Im getting a monkey like this, in the near future

This Baby Monkey Is Very Shy His giant, dewy eyes will shatter your heart into a million pieces. This poor little fella is named Loango, and he was rejected by his mother shortly after birth. Fortunately, he’s being hand raised by zookeepers in Paris.

o.m.g. SQUEEEEE! I love tiny baby animals!