Has a link where you can buy these unfinished frames for cheap!

Make a funky picture frame out of foam boards! For everything you need to craft visit Walgreens.com.

For the bedroom TV

use ribbons to tie a shower curtain to a curtain rod - cheap window treatment.

How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!)

Framing ideas.

entry way

Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal, In this house we do. $49.00, via Etsy.

Grey, cream and yellow, and I love the way its arranged

Geometric Prints in Gold Frames! Islands Framing Gallery in Savannah, GA is a premiere custom framing shop with years of experience in the business, attention to detail, and phenomenal customer service! Call (912) 691-5785 or visit our website www.islandsframing.com for more information!

Vary Height Choose accessories with differing heights, which will allow the eye to move around the display rather than glossing past it. Artwork on the wall also acts as part of your vignette, so keep it in mind when arranging your accessories. Design by Linda Woodrum.

My friend has this on her door frame and along the very top of her walls all around her room :)

Overlapping picture frames.

Mini frames!

Building a photo wall

Different frame setup ...I love just...all of this. I've been thinking of ways to set up my picture wall, and this gives me more great ideas. :) I also love that a lot of this is black and white, since my sister wants a monochromatic theme.

Behr Porpoise and Behr Creek Bend : The Hills has done a great job updating their master bedroom with stenciling, a DIY nail head trim headboard, DIY lampshades, and fun accessories. I love the fabric they used for the headboard. I’ve actually been eyeing the same fabric for some projects around our home, and it really is quite pretty in person. It has raised circles embroidered on it and is a very heavy, thick fabric. The main wall color is Behr Porpoise and the accent wall is Behr Creek...

Girl's Room Gallery Wall | A Diamond in the Stuff

Add a MirrorMate frame to the mirror - while it's on the wall - for an instant bathroom upgrade. Cover desilvering edges too!

VACATION WALL: A map from your vacation + your favorite picture from the trip