Borujerdi's House-Kashan,Iran

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M'zab is a limestone plateau in Saharan, Algeria and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its collection of desert fortress-cities are exotic to the point of surrealism.

Mzab Ghardaïa - M’Zab Valley - Algeria

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The grand prize for the 2014 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage went to Sar Yazd Castle in Yazd, Iran. In June a panel of judges composed of international experts in conservation and resto…

The Windcatchers of Persia. These structures have been used as ventilation/cooling systems for thousands of years. (via Kuriositas)

The Windcatchers of Persia ~ Kuriositas (ancient air conditioning)

Windcatcher, is a traditional Persian architectural element to create natural ventilation in buildings. Windcatchers come in various designs: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multidirectional. Windcatchers remain present in many countries and can be found in traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle East. Yazd,Iran

This is a wind tower in Yazd, Iran. Also called a windcatcher or Badgir in Farsi, wind towers create natural ventilation in buildings and are traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle East. by Vincos

Woman standing in the doorway of a traditionally decored Hausa house. Zinder, Niger  ©Michel Renaudeau

Zinder, Niger - Woman standing in the doorway of a traditionally decored Hausa house.

"Yazd" a Stunning Ancient City in Iran .

The city of ancient wind catchers, Yazd offers the most fascinating style of architecture.

Time Museam, Tehran, Iran (Persian: موزه زمان در تهران)                                                                                                                                                     More

Look at the Art of the wall, a Special place

Die schöne Windtürme von Iran | #schöne #Windtürme #Iran #KunsTop

Die schöne Windtürme von Iran | #schöne #Windtürme #Iran #KunsTop

Iran  Kerman -Gonbade jabaliyeh

Iran Kerman -Gonbade jabaliyeh

ghardaia: architecture without architectect

Travel back in time to the century home of the Ibadites, and see their five ksour (fortified cities), in the M’Zab valley.

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Gate of all nations or Xerxes Gate.  Persepolis 6

The entrance to the ancient city of Persepolis in Iran. Persepolis came to power around 500 BC and embodied the success and power of the Achaemenid Empire that preceded the Greek and Roman Empires.

The spread of the Islamic religion - Sankoré Madrasah, The University of Sankoré, or Sankore Masjid is one of three ancient centers of learning located in Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa.

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Bank of China, I M Pei, Hong Kong, photo-Adrian Gaut. I love this building

by Ali Fallah Shirazi

by Ali Fallah Shirazi