coconut mango mojitos

Coconut Mango Mojitos For Labor Day Still looking for a sipper to serve for your holiday weekend BBQ? How about a refreshing coconut mango mojito? Make them with POM Mango, and it’s a mega easy way to.

Margarita Lime Cocktail Rim Sugar

Margarita Lime Cocktail Rim Sugar

What is a margarita without fresh lime? We've blended fresh lime juice with organic sugar. The result: Our Margarita Lime cocktail sugar is a green-colored sugar that is deliciously tart and sweet, a

Strawberry Mojitos

strawberry mojitos fresh strawberries Small handful of fresh mint leaves 3 oz simple syrup (even amounts of sugar and water, heated until the sugar melts, and cooled to room temperature) 2 oz rum 1 tsp fresh lime juice Club soda Lime slices

Coconut Mango Mojitos I

Coconut Mango Mojitos

Coconut Mango Mojitos recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Coconut Mango Mojitos recipe include fresh mint leaves, 2 ounces of mint simple syrup, 1 ounce of coconut rum, and 1 ounces of club soda. Create your own online recipe box.

Pineapple Mojitos - Mint, Pineapple, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Coconut Rum, Grand Marnier, Ginger Ale.

Pineapple Mojitos

When it comes to my beverage of choice while out and about, I’m a cocktail girl. I love seeing the various concoctions that each restaurant and bar has created and … Read

Romantic Cocktail rimming sugar for martinis, champagne toasts or signature drinks. Made by Dell Cove Spice Co. in Chicago, Illinois.

Sweet Candy cocktail rim sugar - romantic hearts drink garnish

Cocktail sugar - pink red hearts drink rimming sugar - signature drink martini recipes included on Etsy,

Frosty Coconut Mojitos I

Frosty Coconut Mojitos

Frosty Coconut Mojitos: to frickin die for! Haven't tried with coconut milk, instead used coconut water (tried to justify that it's hydration balanced out the alcohol's dehydrating effects) & it was AWESOME!

Coconut Mojito  1 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum  1 oz. Club Soda  3 Lime Wedges  4 Mint Leaves  1 Teaspoon Sugar

We love this coconut-based take on the traditional mojito! “Coconut Mojito (Squeeze of half a lime 6 mint leaves 1 oz. cream of coconut Splash of soda Sprig of mint and lime wedge for garnish)”