7 foods that boost any type of bad mood! What to eat when you're feeling stressed, cranky, and sad.

After I a tearful afternoon of discovering I can't fit into last summer's capris and tanks, I am committed to losing my winter weight. The only problem is that every time I go to the gym, I spend the rest of the day eating. But thanks to this list of 10 healthy, FILLING snacks that promote weight loss, I'm finally able to work out at the gym AND prevent myself from eating the entire content of our house!

Skip the takeout, and by the end of a month, your midday meal will be the reason youre dancing on the scale. More 1 Months Lunches, Counted Calories, Lunches Plans, 400 Calorie Lunches, Lunches Ideas, Drop Pound, Healthy Lunches, 400 Calories Lunches, Healthy Lunch Ideas 1-Month Lunch Plan of 400 calorie lunches 1 Month Lunch Plan Healthy lunch ideas

Keep Ginger in the Freezer: It grates much more easily, & the peel grates up so fine that you don't actually need to peel it. Plus it lasts way longer... 1 of 27 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last as Long as Possible

10 morning meals that will keep you full until lunch

Make frozen smoothie packets every Sunday for the whole week - OMG! This is genius!

5 Minute Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

50 snacks, each under 50 calories. Awesome that they are categorized by craving! This is so perfect! | Low-Calorie Recipes | Low-Calorie Snacks

"Secret" for getting your cake to fall perfectly out of the pan. (going to have to make this asap!)

to boost weight loss - 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. steep overnight in fridge and drink every day.

Great list to remind us of the good things to eat!

Don't have eggs? For brownies use a banana instead... and all kinds of baking replacements. Good to know!!

Eating healthy while on the go isn't just a pipe dream. We collected 31 of the best, healthier prepackaged snacks — all under 150 calories!

25 ridiculously healthy foods

7 Flat-Belly Dinner Recipes

flat belly eating plan with 7 full days of recipes

The 13 Best Food Combos on the Planet for weight loss. Funny that I've eaten a lot of these combinations being pregnant and I wasn't even trying to lose weight!

spaghetti squash, olive oil, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, basil, onions, salt and pepper. Holy Moly this is so good! I love spagetti squash! I put garlic and herb feta on my ind it was amazing. you can eat as much as you want and not feel guilty about it!

Prep Once, Eat Healthy all week. Detailed grocery, prep and recipe plan for a week.

real" eating (clean eating)

Eating out right