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Looks like Molly <3

Fat feet that smell like Fritos: Reason to adore dachshunds. Oh my gosh that is weiner dog gospel

Don't forgets the treats, mom, an the toys, an the chew bone, an we really could use a new blanky. No,no, not the dress, we no need clothes.

This makes me laugh because Chloe has decided she doesn't like hot dogs ever since we got Jäger.even though she knows hot dogs are not made of dogs.

Floppy ears!

Adorable Dachshund puppy photographed by Seth Casteel

Running Puppy Funny Pictures The trick is to run fast enough to keep the hair, I mean ears out of my eyes.


damnrightdoxie: Not my marriage of course, but still funny and cute dachshunds. Thanks Tarver

oh.my.goodness <3

Dog photos by Seth Casteel - singinginlifeboats

♥ Who is making my coffee? www.ochomesbyjeff.com #wagaroo #ilovedogs #orangecountyrealtor

Her favorite story - Can you tell me the story of the time I almost caught the squirrel again