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  • Katherine Germanese

    Guy at Mardi Gras dressed as self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Lucie Dipneuste

    I absolutely LOVE THIS! How unique. Vincent Van Gogh halloween costume. Wow, this might be a top 5 favorite costume idea ever.

  • Marije Paris

    Vincent van Gogh self portrait - halloween costume

  • Renata Lima

    Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea #VincentVanGogh #vangogh

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Vincent van Gogh, self-portrait Pencil 19.0 x 21.0 cm. Paris- January-June, 1887 F 1379, JH 1196 Amsterdam- Van Gogh Museum.

Amazingly creative cosplay of Vincent Van Gogh

Old Man Reading - Vincent van Gogh...believe it or not, the salon rejected Van Gogh's works like this. Its rare to find these they are just as divine as his color works truly.

Amazing Van Gogh costume!! (Vincent Van Gogh walking around the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras.)

Perfect Van Gogh costume...

I am so going to be a painting for halloween!!! :P This is really creative!

Le Moulin de al Galette, 1886. Vincent van Gogh....what can I say? It's the Dutch in me! As my dad always said, "Everything good in the world is Dutch!" (please note eye rolls as I type this)

Vincent van Gogh: Old Man Reading

The tilt shift effect applied to Van Gogh paintings