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this not that


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There's no changing It - so i gotta own it!

Keep Going!!!

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five reasons you should run!

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Ten Commandments for Runners

so true!

Every challenge is larger than the may not get easier, but it doesn't get harder either...keep seeking new challenges!

Crazy, but true! It let's me know that I am making positive changes to my body and for my overall health.

Keep Going!

running = running

So true.

I can't afford $1 but I'm doing marbles, big marbles for every pound lost and little marbles for each exercise. Each time my jar is full (it's a fairly small jar) each little marble is worth 50cents and each big marble is worth $2. Example if I loose 5 pounds and it takes 30 workouts to get there (yeah right), that's $10 for weight and $15 for effort so I'll have $25 to spend on ME!!!