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  • Lexus St.Germain

    3d doritos! I want these back!! 90s kid

  • Brailey Swanson

    3D Doritos were launched in the early 2000's and discontinued a few years later. I so remember this

  • Food Author

    3d doritos! I totally forgot about these!!! They were the best! #Chips #Dips #Salsa #Potato #Kettle #Corn #Rice

  • Casey Wright

    3D doritos!!- probably didn't eat these growing up but look so good. why can't they bring back the 90's snacks and drinks???

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Doritos Crusted Chicken Fingers - 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 large bag of Doritos, nacho flavor (or flavour of choice), 2 cups buttermilk, 2 cups flour, 4 eggs. Marinate sliced boneless chicken breasts in buttermilk for 2 hours. Dredge in flour. Dip in egg wash. Dredge in crushed Doritos. Bake in a 400F for 15-20 minutes. Yum!!!

whose mom didn't have one of these? mine did!

"8 tasty 90s treats that didn't survive" I LOVED 3D Doritos... Ahh memories.

Kids growing up in the 90s will love this! 35 things you will never see again. Man, I miss Butterfinger BB's!

Grilled Georgia Peaches + Ice Cream. My fave is grilled peaches with mascarpone and honey. This'll do just fine though.

You know these were all awesome! Butterfinger BB's! Oreo O's! Rice Krispy Treat cereal! 3-D Doritos! :)

I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared...where did it go?!

I used to buy a bag of these every Thursday night before WWF Smackdown! Best snack in the world! Why did they ever stop making them?

Back in my day, you knew who your real friends were. Cause they would rank you, in order of importance, on MySpace.

A snack that transcends our dimension: | 38 Things You Will Never Experience Again