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Sad, But true..

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money." - Cree Proverb This would be good to show students how the Native Americans viewed the value of the land.

Jon Stewart

John Stewart // I'm Not Going to Censor Myself to Comfort Your Ignorance

Cheesy so so cheesy  Like I've heard this story so many times I thought I was gonna read a comic about two wolves fighting buttt nnnoooooo...

Funny pictures about A terrible fight between two wolves. Oh, and cool pics about A terrible fight between two wolves. Also, A terrible fight between two wolves.

Harmony - StrengthsFinder

I love Betty White! I don’t know how people get so anti-something. Mind your own business, take care of your own affairs, and don’t worry about other people so much.

I've always thought the same thing, though not quite so eloquently.

Oh how I despise daylight savings. When told the reason for daylight saving time, the Old Indian said, "Only the Government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.

"When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belongs to this land." ~ Native American quote

When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember. - Native American The land does not belong to you. you belong to the land.


'May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe-away your tears and above all, may silence make you strong' - Chief Dan George American Indian.


Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. - Pema Chodron also, randomly, le petit prince

This is, by far, the most inspirational sailing quote ever. (Particularly for sailors)

Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails, explore dream.


God is good and we should ALL Be thankful for what we have every new day is a Gift and a Blessing from God.Thank You God for all that I have.


Communication via Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what other people mean. [grammar, speaking, communicating via Technology device]

Wake UP America!!! This is GOD's Country, OUR Country under GOD!!!

Standup now, stand up now. "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything"

Never judge a book by its cover

When you judge someone based on a diagnosis you miss you on their abilities, beauty & uniqueness.

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“The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.”  http://www.globalnews.ca/david+suzuki+quotes/6442620434/story.html

"It makes no sense to elevate economics above the biosphere." ~ David Suzuki - a wise and caring soul.