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Saw wild horses running through the Nevada desert just like this when I was riding in the family car as a child.

Bits can be harmful tools in the wrong hands. This is why you should learn to ride and guide your horse without one before attempting contact. The bit is a refinement tool to be used with the right precision, lightness and feel.

HORSE ADOPTs ORPHANED DEER A fawn was spotted wandering alone in a field near Subenacadle, Nova Scotia, Canada, but managed to survive with the help of his new foster family of horses. Once the horses took him in, the fawn never left. He was able to survive summer and fall without his mothers milk. We guess all he really needed was a lot of love and tender care.

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The Most Breathtaking Views Of Beautiful Earth From Above

The Most Breathtaking Views Of Beautiful Earth From Above. Seen above: Photograph Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks by Brad Styron on 500px | #Photography #Nature #Wildlife

Beauty. I always wanted my very own black stallion like Alec. :)

Beautiful palomino paint horse. I want to own a ranch and have a horse just like this one. I feel like my life would be complete with a nice pair of cowboy boots.

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Lean On Me - Wild Horses - Fine Art Photograph

Lean On Me shows wild horses of the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Range in Wyoming

Horses are bound to have a leader, if a group of them got lost in the wild, one of them will be the leader. That's why you can't let the horse do whatever it wants, you have to be the leader and tell it what to do.

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The Noble Horse DVD Exclusive

Running free • photo: National Geographic