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I just love the butt bow.. and the fact that it is CAMO!!!

Ok. Not the camo dress, but the bouquet.

I hunt. I'm from Montana. I have dead animals hanging on my walls. And I don't know anyone who would wear a camo wedding dress. Who buys this stuff?

Camo wedding dress love it so different!

camo wedding dresses | mossy oak wedding dresses - Hunting And Shooting - Zimbio

* 3135M Strapless, Pickup Skirt, Accent Bodice and Skirt Band

Oh no. No, no, no. Crazy thing is I met a girl in upstate NY who mentioned wanting to include camo in her dress. I pointed her to this site. To each his own!!

Mossy Oak New Breakup Attire Camouflage Wedding

Hey! I know this is the wrong wedding board, but I'm not on your Mossy Oak one. So you can move it over to that board :) I wasn't for sure if you were going to have a ring bearer or flower girl

Camo Wedding-- would make for a good invitation. Replace orange with purple & have mossy oak camo

Hilarious!! Camouflage Dave's Beef Jerky! I had to post this I found this soooo Funny!!!