Moonlit Bridals - Silver Tulip Candle Tree, $59.99 (

Ivory White Flower Motif Birdcage Candle Display with Bird Ornament at Top | Aspen Country

Bring a touch of nature to your domicile with these 12-inch square decorative plates. Let your imagination run wild and use them to display candles, decorative balls, and more!

Cool Tropical Pineapple Design Bronze Finish Pedestal Candle Holder - Large | Aspen Country

The perfect lighting accompaniment to just about any candle holder or display. These white candles will make your room shimmer with soft candlelight. Unscented. 10 pack. 3 hour burn time. Item weight: 0.2 lb. Each candle is 1½" diameter x ½" high. Paraffin wax and cotton wick. Set of 10 UPC: 886718804112.

Double Flower Sculpture with Clear "Crystal" Blossom Candle Holders | Aspen Country

Moonlit Bridals - Silver Tulip Candelabra , $19.99 (

Dusky, dark and alluring, this gorgeous candle stand makes evenings glow with elegance. The gorgeous metal candle stand features fanciful frills that curl up around five smoky glass candle cups. Add the candles of your choice and make every night shine with style. Each glass is 3 1/2" diameter x 4" high. Weight 3.2 pounds. Dimensions 26.5" x 3.5" x 11.2". IRON, GLASS

A single graceful bloom glows at the end of a slender stem, its golden glass cup filled with lustrous candlelight. A cherished addition to your romantic decorating theme! Weight 0.7 lb. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 4 1/8" diameter x 12 3/4" high. $12.95 (plus tax/shipping). - to place an order for this product, contact us at

Two graceful lily blossoms glow at the end of slender stems when filled with lustrous candlelight. Silvery speckles add to the drama for fabulous lighting effects. Weight 1.4 lbs. 7" x 2½" x 16¼" high. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. $24.95 (plus tax/shipping). - to place an order for this product, contact us at

Set the stage for an enchanted evening when you place a candle at the heart of this ruby-red rose! The timeless symbol of love is never lovelier than when filled with a candle’s passionate flame. Weight 0.9 lb. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 5" x 4 1/8" x 12 1/2" high. $17.95 (plus tax/shipping). - to place an order for this product, contact us at

A spellbinding arrangement of slender stems and blossoms captures the warm colors of the rising sun’s first light. A dramatic decoration, especially when crowned with a captivating aura of golden candlelight! Weight 4.7 lbs. Iron, glass and acrylic. Tealight candles not included. May Require Additional Freight Charge 12 1/2" x 8" x 32" high. $79.95 (plus tax/shipping). - to place an order for this product, contact us at

Create a candlelight display with this oversized and sleek brushed silver candle lantern. Add the candles of your choice and light them to fill the room with modern style. Candle not included. Material(s): IRON, GLASS Weight 5.2 pounds  Dimensions 7x 7x25

Fill your room with elegant candlelight by way of this glamorous mid-sized candle cup. The quilted design set in silvery mercury glass will turn your tabletop or mantel into a showcase of spectacular style. Item weight: 1.2 lbs. 5" x 5" x 5½" high. Mercury glass. Candle not included. UPC: 849179017255.

Delicate crystal drops dangle from sleek ivory-finished wrought iron candle stands, catching each nuance of candlelight. The essence of elegance! Place in pairs on any tabletop, mantle or shelf for an instant aura of old-fashioned romance.

Soothing shades of dusky lilac give this botanical tealight stand a gentle splendor. A dazzling backdrop for a candle’s dancing flame, adding subtle romance to any setting!Weight 0.5 lb. 6 1/4" x 4" x 8 7/8" high. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included.

Tone on Tone

Inspired by the haunting beauty of traditional Moroccan metalwork lamps, this free-standing miniature version casts an ever-changing dance of light and shadow wherever it is placed. This piece adds an enticing dash of Far East mystery to any tabletop or shelf!

<p>This contemporary lantern will make a bold statement indoors or out. The iron framework features fresh white paint, four clear glass panels, and a hinged door so you can easily fill it with the candle of your choice. Its topped with a silvery finial and has a stylish hanging handle.</p>


<p>Two glorious crystal flowers are ready to light up with night with candles of your choice. They sit upon a beautiful framework of vines, leaves and flower buds that will make a stylish splash on your tabletop. Candles not included. Weight 2.2 pounds 0 pounds 13.2 pounds Dimensions 9.5" x 6" x 9.25" GLASS, IRON, PLASTIC BEADS</p>