Vertical Plant Wall

Grow plants on walls of your house with Urbio | Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

DIY plastic pipe wall garden >> Our friend Miguel's Woolly Pockets at Flora Grubb in San Francisco.

How to make a green wall!

Living walls for small spaces. Photo of Floraframe kit from Plants on Wall. Other examples ...via @Seasonal Em Wisdom

Plant wall

By Studio O+A

Vertical Garden and Plant Selection

Drift wood + air plant wall sculpture. Misting till it drips once a week.

Indoor/outdoor mobile plant walls. Such a creative idea- I love it!

Vertical wall

planters & wall

Living Green Walls: The Wallpaper of the Future is Alive!

Beautifully planted rock supporting wall

zizmor-house-exterior-plant-wall-portrait_rect540 from re-nest dot com

Execellent low-tech green design idea! Wall of Planters Shades And Ventilates House; A New Kind of Living Wall : TreeHugger

Take your air plant displays to a whole new level! If you love creating terrariums, you'll love these wall hangings. $36