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    • Michelle Hill

      Re-Purpose Those Baby Lotion Bottles Into a Sink Extender for Kids. Great idea to stash in the diaper bag so you don't have to prop them on your knee in dirty public bathrooms!!

    • Tatiana Araujo

      Re-Purpose Those Baby Lotion Bottles Into a Sink Extender for Kids MUST MAKE THIS!!! It'll make hand washing that much easier for the little ones.

    • Cucculuccia (Jessi Rich)

      DIY faucet extender for bathroom sink out of a lotion or shampoo bottle to make hand washing for kids easier

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    DIY sugar body scrub recipes. lemon, orange, coffee, rose, lily and vanilla. Great as gifts or party favours.

    make your own cupcake bath bombs. I love the bath bombs from Lush. I'm going to give these a try

    Heart-shaped bath bomb: 1/4 cup citric acid 2 1/2 cups baking soda 1 cup Epsom salt bath bomb colorant (I used Gurlie Pink La Bomb) witch hazel essential oil or fragrance (optional) mixing bowl heart mold pan (silicone) spray bottle (filled with the witch hazel)

    DIY Bath Bombs: 8 oz. of baking soda 4 oz. of citric acid 4 oz. of corn starch 4 oz. of Epsom salts (make sure these are fine grained)  ¾ tsp. of water 2 tsp. essential oil 2.5 tsp. almond oil (optional) A few drops of food coloring Round, plastic, snap together dome molds Whisk Bowl and cup for mixing Fluffy towel

    lush bath bomb recipe - I love bath bombs!!! This seems pretty easy, definitely gonna try this!!

    Diy Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

    BLONDER AMBITIONS | HOW TO MAKE CARE PACKAGES FOR THE HOMELESS {aka BLESSING BAGS}. Care packages. Blessing bags. Volunteer. Charity. Care for the homeless.



    what a helpful duck.

    DIY Disney silhouette paintings

    Silhouette making in 4 steps from a FREE website!

    Homestead Survival: How to Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes Naturally

    Dresser Turned Bench. This would be fun in a guest room. A place to sit and store things.

    DIY: Elastic Hair Ties | Reese Kistel

    Home Remedy for sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that don't do a thing.

    make these for winter! or for friends as Christmas gifts: Poly-fleece filled with rice. Just pop these little cuties in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slip them into coat pockets to keep hands warm for up to an hour. how-clever

    Website where you take a picture of your child sleeping, upload it, and pick a Tooth Fairy to stick in your picture. Proof that the Tooth Fairy was at your house! The site also has Santa and the Easter Bunny

    Ingenious! Now the kids can reach :) #DIY #home

    1. Google any silhouette 2. Print on colored paper 3. Cut them out 4. Place in frame 5. Voila! You could do this with anything!

    Homemade Febreze: What you'll need: 1/8 Cup of fabric softener (I used Downy April Fresh) 2 tablespoons Baking Soda Hot tap water Spray bottle (I used my empty 27 oz. Febreze bottle) combine all in bottle, shake well and use! AWESOME!

    A sharpie (any color) + A porcelain dish(You can even use super cheap mugs from the dollar store!) Just draw and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow them to cool completely before washing or using.

    iphone magnets- made by my sister-in-law for my hubby for his birthday. Cannot be bought in stores- it's a great DIY gift for iPhone nerds

    Kool-aid + Vaseline = lip gloss. Another creative use (much better than drinking the stuff!)....there is a non toxic version of vaseline (petroleum free) called alba un-petroluem jelly - it is perfect for what you are making and won't need to be microwaved for the right consistency either. which makes the vaseline even more toxic.

    Lace lamp shade would be great