Hmm maybe I'll attempt this today

Braids into a ponytail

braid ponytail

braid messy ponytail

jennifer aniston hair

Low messy ponytails.


I love braided hairstyles just wish my hair was long enough.

braided bangs

Grab a two-inch section below the original ponytail, and repeat the whole process, flipping hair through. The tails should be stacked, one directly above the other. You can stop here or, if you have thick or long hair, add one more flipped ponytail below.

This works great for me since my hair needs to be in a ponytail everyday haha!

Lace Braid.

Braid through ponytail

part braid, part ponytail. Perfect for the days you need your hair back and still want to look cute!

braid and ponytail

hair tutorials

Braided hairstyle inspiration

cool braid