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  • Ashley

    My friend @Melissa Squires Rivera made this pin for me to encourage me! #ronweasley #harrypotter #rupert #nursingschool

  • Ashli Fiorini

    Rupert Grint My future husband and stuff.

  • Nadia Haskell

    Rupert Grint. The only natural Red Head Boy from the Harry Potter Films

  • Brent Merrill

    #RupertGrint. Ron, Fred, and George always have and always will be my favorite chracters in Harry Potter.

  • Colour me Claire

    Ron Weasley - sorry I mean Rupert Grint :) is a great example of a Warm with his fabulous red hair - his scarf and jacket could do with being warmer in their tone to support his overall look!

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Ron Weasley.♥ - This is how Ben whats his hair...wonder if I should let him. I think it will look like a mess... but it's hard to look cool when youre a ginger boy!

probably the only red head ill ever be attracted to.....rupert, you are the only ginger for me. lol

... not as good as your friend Neville Longbottom does now, but not bad.

Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint. Such a funny music video!

Rupert Grint is a boss, this makes me grin every time I see it.

Rupert Grint, marry meeeeeeee

Reason for each tear? Ronald Weasley. o-o

Okay, whoever thought Ron was USELESS, I totally disagree with you every which way.