j crew installation / christopher bettig

A line of upholstered chairs creating soft surfaces with hard materials by Annie Evelyn of New Colony Furniture. / http://www.yatzer.com/best-of-new-york-design-week-2013

steel sculptor and lovely wooden chair

"Solaris" by Jacob Van Loon. Watercolor and graphite on panel. looks like wood grain / hardwood floor

Light Form, Francesca Rogers et Danièle Gualeni.

Christopher Bettig for Candystore, San Fransisco

i have seen a colorado one with the flag painted (rustically) on it at barnes and noble, i think Katie would love it

Crate configuration table from Terrain at Styers; via http://lindstromdiary.com/

Recycled Wood Block Wall @slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi | Read more: http://contemporarydesignandarchitecture.blogspot.com/2011/06/like-idea-recycled-wood-block-wall.html

Wood furniture

Chalkboard Illustrations at Ladenlokal (Why put up butcher paper when we can paint a wall w/chalk board paint?)

#J Crew - By Christopher Bettig

Nike 2-1

love this pic idea

Innovative Pixel-like Surface Designs By Giles Miller Studio | Yatzer -this makes me want white and gold tiles...bathroom, perhaps?

diy stair runner using Ikea rugs and brass nailheads

dark wood floors.+ love the wall color

art wall

CNC joint / Prof. Jochen Gros and Designer Friedrich Sulzer

miyazaki isu