• paul scott

    Wiltshire White Horses

  • Jo Smart

    An aerial view of the Uffington white horse. This was originally thought to have been carved in the Iron Age, but it has since been dated as being a bit older - Bronze Age (c 1000BCE). It is the oldest chalk figure remaining in Britain. Who made it, why and what it meant to them is not known, but I love this horse the best, as it was not made by a rich landowner in the 18th or 19th centuries! Photo by Dave Collier - http://www.mugshots-uk.co.uk

  • Anita Challis

    Photograph by kind permission of Dave Collier of the Uffington White horse in Oxforshire, England. It is bronze age and approx 350ft long... it's my favorite cliff drawing because of the dynamic shapes.

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