you're pretty.


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So True... THE GINGERBREAD HOUSES.... OH MY GOSH........ I can't evennnnnn...

Pretty shades of light coral

Pretty in Pink

It's NEVER too late to live Happily Ever After.

<3 too. many. tabs.

Don't normally love rain boots - but with a little boy- I see puddle jumping in my future and these are what I want to do that in!

Aw! Love this charming, inspirational quote. The rosy backdrop is just as lovely as well.

A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is far more attractive than one who waits around for someone to validate her existence.


Kate Spade quote - "She is quick & curious & playful & strong" This is the way I'd describe my ideal self #favorite

Gold Foil 'Get It Girl' Print

Fun facts about your sign here

this would be a nice statement written VERY BIG on my kitchen wall !

some of the best ;)

sign for kitchen

We Are So Good Together (blue), by Dylan Fareed - 20x200 (from $24)

challenge yourself