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    1 folder with brads + 1 folder without brads (turn inside out and hole punch open side) = how have i never thought of this?

    How to print on Post-it notes...Why did I never think of this!

    This is soooo awesome, never seen it before. Turns it into a small pocket folder with flaps.

    After seeing how this teacher organizes with these accordian folders, I am going to Target!! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

    DIY dry erase boards: report covers + colorful duct tape (could even leave 1 side open to slip paper in and out)//i use these all the time, so I can re-use mazes and dot-to-dots.

    Turn them into mailboxes for your students.

    Writing "Office" can be tweaked for age

    Use masking tape and hole punch a ziplock bag into student folders to hold library books and flash cards!

    Writing Workshop Folders

    Giant comprehensive binder organization. Wow!!!

    Tape a large straw to the cover of notebook to hold pencil

    home depot will cut them in half

    Divide the inside of a file folder into boxes that are slightly larger than small sticky notes. Write students' names in the boxes in alphabetical order, one name per box. Whenever you want to make a note about a student's progress, jot the information on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate box. Periodically move the sticky notes to students' assessment folders. You'll have valuable information at your fingertips when it's time to prepare report cards.

    Cut a file folder into strips. The shorter the attention span, the smaller you will cut the strips. . Students open 1 flap at a time and always begin at the top and work their way down. Students complete the work that they can see when a flap is open. Great how do I keep my creative ADHD-er from giving each strip its own personality and holding full conversations among them?

    File folders + duct tape = great way to organize centers

    Looking back on the school year - cute end of the year writing project. This needs to go in your end-of-the-year folder!

    use a binder clip to prevent file folders from moving...genius!

    Presentation of writing book on one side, how to edit your work on the other! These are great stands from Ikea, very cheap too! 6" by 4"

    On a due date, if a student does not have his/her assignment, he/she must fill out one of these yellow sheets and turn it in in place of said assignment. It asks for basic information like the assignment title, due date, and student signature. I think this would be great to send home in the students' Friday folders to keep parents aware...What a great idea!!!

    A great way to have students turn in their assignments

    put duct tape one the spine of your file folder games then punch holes in them and keep them in a three ring binder...this is genius! great space saver idea!