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Things I say & why I need this.I will punch you in the face. I wanna punch them in the face. They need to be punched in the face. Im want to punch some people in the face.

More Than Sayings: Fun

funny halloween tombstone sayings. Died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people.

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nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(

This would be me and my husband every time I get upset about anything, anything at all.

I rant all the time and my very best friends do interrupt me with facts and reason! I depend on their facts and reason!

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Doorbell broken. Yell ding dong really loud.

I have the "doorbell broken." Sign on my door too but never thought to add the "yell ding dong.

Speak Your Mind Quotes | The time to really respect yourself is when someone shows disrespect ...

New quotes for 2012…

Goes along with, "Well don"t ask for my opinion if you don't want to hear it!

Srsly- to have delivered that line with such intensity? Art! .   This is what it SHOULD say in the dictionary.

Hilarious 😂 Dirty Dancing quote "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" 😁

Packaging / Wine bottle warning label — Designspiration

Do not let this bottle serve you as an inspiration to call your ex in a pathetic attempt to get back together. Some very fine grapes have died in the making of this wine. Show some respect. Funny Wine Ex Quote

should put on bathroom doors so noone brings drinks in the bathroom and leaves them there

Funny pictures about No alcohol beyond this point. Oh, and cool pics about No alcohol beyond this point. Also, No alcohol beyond this point.

Although we all here at Your Culinary World truly love our children, none of us could stop laughing when we saw this espresso stand sign.

Awesome sign in front of coffee shop. Unattended children will be given Espresso And a Free Kitten - funny sign - Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo

Site of fun definitions. Another fave: Christmas = the only time you get to sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks.

Except Uggs were designed to be made for surfers to wear to the beach. Love the Uggs with short shorts.

Funny pictures about Coffee Wars. Oh, and cool pics about Coffee Wars. Also, Coffee Wars photos.


Exercise Eggs Are Sides For Bacon

Obama Can't Ban These Guns - Merica Guns And Fun - hahahaha

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