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72 Hour Kits: Emergency Preparedness on a Budget

Emergency Preparedness Kits (for up to 72 hours) - all packed into individual backpacks for each family member plus 1 wind-up radio for the family...I feel like we need these in North Alabama for tornado season!

What Is Needed For Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit With A Preparedness Checklist

Be prepared for the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods! What is needed to be prepared! From our past experience with Hurricane Ike, it is a known fact a well put together preparedness kit can mean survival or not to survive such a storm or natural disaster of any nature.

A tip to keep in mind in case of emergency…

If you ever get stuck in a blackout without candles or a flashlight 30 minutes might be stretching it, but a regular sized crayon will easily burn for more than 15 minutes. The paraffin used in crayons is very flammable, but slow burning. Handy to know!

Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf

Canned Food Storage... for pantry, cellar, basement, garage. Neat idea but wouldn't work for me as I have a huge canned stockpile...

Emergency Survival Station - Step by step instructions to create your own station in case of an emergency or natural disaster. A Bowl Full of Lemons

In the event of an emergency, would your pets be prepared? With a little planning and packing, rest assured that your furry friends will be taken care of. Great lists & tips! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons