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There are new healthy habits when thinking of drinking. Know the symptoms, triggers, new treatment methods and innovative ways people recover.

My latest article on my "Healthy Habits" website has more for you on the health benefits of lemons:

My recent article, (posted in Healthy Habits,) explains the existence of violence within our population.

Drinking alcohol, for some people, is like playing with fire. Data shows many people recover from alcohol dependency without the need for formal treatment.

Healthy Habits mission is to advance people’s understanding and knowledge of our environment and health; while providing solutions to our most pressing health-related and environmental issues and concerns:

For good health we all need sustainable environments. Environmental health science is leading the way in helping us form healthy living habits.

Here’s a list I put together with a few easy ways to conserve energy and save money.

The H1N1 virus (swine flu) is very dangerous to human beings. Here are ways to protect yourself and family.

Prevent intimate partner and sexual violence against women. Learn what triggers violent behavior, how to prevent it, and how to get help.