Easy circle instructions - I have used this method over and over!

tutorial - how to sew a perfect circle block

Wow, I have never seen this technique for sewing perfect circles before...can't wait to try! Easy Circle Quilt Blocks - on HGTV http://www.hgtv.com/video/easy-circle-quilt-blocks-video/index.html

Super Circles - How to achieve the perfect folded edge on a circle, -this is a fantastic trick, getting a good circle for appliques has always eluded me. No more!

crazy mom quilts: running in circles tutorial

Sew a circle easily THIS really does work, have used the idea for years! Perfect circles each time.

Tutorial for running in circles quilt

how to make a perfect circle to sew onto a quilt. no raw edges. perfect every time!

Perfect petals tutorial

Thank you!! A great look at how to sew a perfect round hem. Awesome sewing tip.

Tutorial on quickly assembling those tiny squares into perfect blocks--this is genius, I would never have touched a 2" square without seeing this, but they come out guaranteed to have all the corners match and are super quick. love this.

Good applique tutorial. The fusible side of the interfacing is on the back of all of the circles. Use a hot iron to lightly press the circles into place once you have finalized their arrangement.

quilt block tutorial

how to bind with knits - oodles of tutorials here


Circle quilt

A Checkerboard Quilt and a Strip Piecing Tutorial - Red Pepper Quilts

The Tea Room Block

Circle of geese block tutorial