original poster said."I used black and purple Sharpie Pens on a note card. This pattern is my own, and I'm very proud of it! Note: I am always open to opinions, comments, critiques, and random thoughts.

dobriendesign: Mooka Leaves - a Tangelation

Mooka is one of my all favorite official Zentangle® patterns/tangles created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. They introduced this wond.

by unnamed participant, Zentangle Project, via a school id'd as RHS

Examples of Zentangle Project

How to draw Paisley Flower 17 by *Quaddles-Roost on deviantART http://quaddles-roost.deviantart.com/art/How-to-draw-Paisley-Flower-17-330688163?q=gallery%3Aquaddles-roost%2F39670841=19

How to draw Paisley Flower 17 by *Quaddles-Roost on deviantART Henna Tattoo possibility

Chauwi  zentangle

this was an architectural element I saw.just thought I would try to deconstruct it for you. I did this drawing in Paint Shop Pro because my hand shakes too much!