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HETALIA: SPELLING. by *TheGweny - Ooo Alfred, burn!

dear England not all Americans spell favour favor i spell favour with a u all the time but auto correct yells at me sincerely a smart American

I think I have friends that would do this to me to convert them to their fandom.

You love Harry Potter! - Funny quotes from Parks and Recreation with Ann Perkins talking to Leslie Knope: "You made me watch all 8 Harry Potter movies. I don't even like Harry Potter! - That's insane! You love Harry Potter! You've seen all 8 movies!


XD -Hetalia -England -America -France <<< hahahah x'D This is so funny seriously. This made my night, I almost laughed as much as America. I just can't stop laughing.

~ Let's be honest we're all Alfred in this situation xD<< wait, isn't that hitman!

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England, this one is on you. You don't just jump out and scare Americans, we shoot first and ask questions later! And also, we have trust issues. (Is it just me that thought "DANNY PHANTOM!" when America yelled 'box ghost'?

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The Nordics and the Nordic Cats: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden