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Day 10~ Well, the wedding is over. Today was spent driving back to Va and than looking through the hundreds of pictures taken on my camera. I'm really excited to see what the photographer got pictures of, because it seems my family has a really great nack of getting derpy shots. Anyway, here's the female members of the wedding party! Fun fact, these trees are in front of the cabin I stayed in my first year at the camp. I never imagined I would be back for a wedding!

Missouri Farm Wedding

More great advice: It’s best not to over think things. There is no right or wrong choice, and your guests will never know that you decided to forego the IKEA cloth backdrop photo booth. Keep moving and do what you can in the time you have to plan your wedding. Also, remember that it’s just a party. No one should be nervous or stressing or crying about a party that will go by faster than any other moment in your life.