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    Puma Punku

    Puma-Punku- inTiahuanaco

    Puma Punku in the hell was this done???


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    Puma Punku

    Puma Punku in Bolivia, is understood to be at least 14,000 years old, essentially, right out of the stone age. Which begs to question, how were cave men able to build some of the most sophisticated stone work the world has ever seen? 200 ton stones (with one even weighing in at 450 tons), were carved out of solid blocks of diorit, a material so tough it can only be cut with diamonds.

    Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco

    ...Puma Punku, remains of a great wharf for lake Titicaca that once ago lapped upon the shores of Tiahuanaco. The architecture holds a mystery & some believe it to have been carved by ancient aliens...

    Puma Punku: Located in the Bolivian highlands, Puma Punku is a field of stone ruins scattered with giant, finely carved blocks. Ancient alien theorists have hypothesized that extraterrestrials with advanced engineering techniques created the site or advised the people who built it.

    Puma Punku - the most mysterious place on Earth

    puma punku

    Puma Punku masonry joints; 440 AD

    There is one more significant thing to mention regarding the ruins of Puma Punku. Not only were these stones cut somehow, but they were finely cut. The cuts on these stones are perfectly straight. The holes cored into these stones are perfect, and all of equal depth. How is it that these ancient people were able to cut stones like this?

    The stones at Puma Punku are granite, andesite and diorite. The only stone that is harder than these is diamond. The precision-made 6 mm wide groove contains equidistant drilled holes. It seems impossible that these cuts were made with use of stone or copper tools.

    The so-called Gate of the Sun seen at the back side. Made of one piece of hard rock. Possibly it was a part of a large wall. By the courtesy of, nr. 3696 Near Lake Titicaca

    Puma punku, Bolivia. Oldest structures on EARTH. Aprox. 14-17,000 years old & built with construction techniques unknown. Modern diamond tipped drills powered by computers and assisted with heavy machinery today would have great difficulty replicating the stone work. Mysterious!! Google it. It's mind blowing.

    The ruins of Puma Punku are one of four structures in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco. The others three structures are; The Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple. Even with modern day technology and information, these structures defy logic, and confound those who seek to solve the mysteries that lie within them. The ruins of Puma Punku are said to be the most fascinating, and most confusing of all.

    Bolivia - Puma Punku

    Puma Punku