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  • Nicola Allen

    Baked Tostones ( baked plantains)

  • Karley Gibson

    Side Dish Recipes | Skinnytaste

  • Stephanie Albanese

    baked tostones! i have tried similar healthy recipes with a soggy effect, so i am excited to try this one and see if it is the (healthy) masterpiece!

  • Shelly Parsons

    Baked Tostones - I fell in love with tostones in Puerto Rico, dipping them in ketchup like french fries. But double frying is not a healthy way to cook. I've moved to this recipe and I don't miss the fat. Usually. I have a tostonera, but you can use a regular drinking glass to smoosh the plantains. If you want to try them in a restaurant, find a Cuban place if there are no Puerto Rican ones available. When I ask for ketchup in the Cuban restaurants, they always look at me strangely though! ~S

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Sancocho- OK here is a recipe for a typical 'comfort' food in Puerto Rico Sancocho. It is a wonderful thick stew here they are using beef but I have more often had it with chicken and oft times it has ad rice in it as well. A more traditional one will have calabaza (pumpkin) in place of butternut squash

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tostones Recipe from Fried plantains are a popular side dish in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. To reduce calories, oven-fry them and serve with a dipping sauce made with olive oil, minced garlic and salt & pepper!

Garlic Tostones: Puerto Rican Fried Plantains perfect with rice and beans. Simple and so addicting. |

I love Puerto Rico !!! - Great idea for a bride or groom who want to celebrate their heritage during their wedding

In Puerto Rico, pasteles (pas-TEL-les) are a cherished culinary recipe. The masa consists of a combination of grated green banana, green plantain and taro root. I remember my mom made these for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It brought the family together, especially when the grating needed to be done. She always made over a hundred. Tedious but so much fun. Times gone, but the memories remain.

Almojabanas! My husband approved of the picture and ingredients already... next is tasting! Just made these (4/6/12) and they're delicious!

Puerto Rico farmers market. I love the green plantains.. "Platanos"