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mineral filled dirt - Dirt with mulitple different colours in it in Martha's Vineyard.

lighthouse sun - A lighthouse stands strong with the sun setting in the background.

colorful parrot - Macaws are colourful parrots that is native to south America.

fallen tree - A tree bends over the path because of heavy snowfall in Haliburton, Ontario.

portrait of a camel's head - Portrait photo of a camels head at feeding container in the background.

cautiously feeding - Flamingo keeping an eye for danger while feeding on ponds shallow water.

black and white fox - Black and white fox on top of a rock looking out for prey.

Garbage Cans and Rusted Parts - Rusted bins and garbage cans lay next to a muddy trail in Ontario

mist rising off lake - Mist rises off a lake as the sun sets in Haliburton, Ontario.

high angle shot of river and mountain range. - High angle shot of river and mountain range with clear sky in background.